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Don't cave in **
During this time most people have to deal with feelings of doubt, discouragement and inadequacy. Also you may find yourself unpleasantly confronted by the consequences of past actions that you hoped would simply go away. The challenge is to confront them without caving in and feeling hopeless. Now you will question whether you are doing what you should with your life. The temptation is to decide that you are not, and to give up. Others may try to convince you that you are on the wrong course and give you very demoralizing advice. Of course, you may in fact be wrong in some area, and there you should change course. But you must avoid the tendency to cave in. Evaluate what you are doing in your own terms, not someone else's, and decide whether you are acting properly in various matters.
The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars Square Neptune, , exact at 10:42
activity period from 2 August 2010 to 6 August 2010

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The Exception, not the rule.

I'll always love you. I just don't know if you can accept that for all it is.

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